Hiding your home on the dark web: the emerging IoT privacy industry.

I’ve riffed before on privacy and IoT. Once truly connected homes move past the stage of early adoption, you’ll hear much about privacy and security. The privacy of who can tap into your home’s data to know what you’re doing and when you’re home. The security of preventing hackers from being able to hack into your home. The senationalist press will wax lyrical about hackers being able to open your front door or watch you while you’re sleeping like some perverted Santa Claus.

IoT security and IoT privacy will become their own subindustries. They’re also going to become passion projects, akin to open-source projects such as Home Assistant.

In an area that few people are paying attention to, Tor is amongst the first out of the gate. Now your connected home can live on the dark web (alongside arms and drug dealers). It’s still far too complex for the average home owner to setup, but so are most IoT offerings in spite of the industry’s growth.